Your personal food garden

Will this garden cost an arm and a leg? We're not surgeons, but our mission for Central Florida is "most people must have access to the freshest vegetables". After the five senses are exposed to spectacular food, the mind produces "happy" emotions. In short, it's not going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Generally speaking, use this page to mark your preferences so we can get to know you and work out a proper plan for your family.

Finally clicking on Submit, you will receive an email with pricing and further instructions (If you want a food garden for free, click here to learn how)

Note: Items marked with a strike cannot be grown at this time but we do deliver them.

Flower Bed
American and English Vegetables + Herbs
Mediterranean / Middle East

Island Veggies + Herbs
Latin America

Also Offered
Additional Requests

If there's a vegetable, flower or grocery item not listed above but you desire, let us know here.

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